Two Thoughts

1. When the AGO is turning over, or –dream of all dreams– Tate Modern, get access to film. Spend 8 hours repeatedly walking a preconceived route through the transitioning space and film a continuos journey showing tear down and install. This might have to be a 3 or 4 day x 8 hours a day commitment. Simulcast this on a web channel as a minimalist documentary –with or perhaps without sound.

2. Chose an existing exhibition and walk a preconceived route after gallery hours with whatever available lighting there is. Execute from gallery shut down to gallery opening. Start with the last patron and end with the first patron.

If I had an unlimited budget I would set up a track to mark the routes and very slowly track the installation. Forward through the route then backward –over and over again. With a good budget I could steadycam it. With a limited budget I could set up in a prime location and stop motion photograph it.

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