I had written this up under the title Demolition. I think flattening is better.

This project could be thought of as a form of deconstruction or the act of taking a 3 dimensional building and flattening it out into 2 dimensions. This idea was inspired by years of staring at the Hydro building across the street from us.

Take a photograph of each portion of the elevation around the exterior of a building from straight on and from the same distance, i.e., 6 feet away from each section of wall. Shoot the entire building Starting at a fixed point and ending at the point. These would also represent the building a t a specific height in it’s elevation, at approximately 6 feet off the ground or eye level. In a traditional building this would equate to flattening out an elevation drawing. each of these shots could then be stitched together in Photoshop to “flatten” out or make 2 dimensional the contours of the surface.

Riff on Alan Paiment’s series of building floor plan photographs taken from the bird’s eye perspective.

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