Exercise for Listening

Record myself murmuring various different manufactured stories and intermix those narratives in a composition that has to be listened to carefully to follow all the various stories at the same time. It will become a coded narrative of seemingly unrelated stories.

see if it’s possible via Thomas and Keen Music to mix the vocals in such a way that each occupies a different place in the mental room. Not Binaural, but maybe just a good understanding of stereo could virtually place each narrative in a different part of the brain or head of the listener. Each story could then be concentrated on as a location to decode the cacophony.

A variation would be to write a single narrative then split that into 10 parts, each of which become different locations in new narratives. Construct the multiple narratives in such a manner that a careful listen would play the original complete story in sequence, but it would jump around locations in the head when listened to. This is hard to describe but it touches on the idea of music and singing in rounds like we use to do in public elementary music class.

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