Coca-Cola was on my way to work. ¬†These are images of the offices at 42 Overlea. This is the second time I’ve dragged my bum off the bus to shoot the Coca-Cola¬†building. Today I discovered that sometime in the past few years it was left derelict and is now slated to be demolished and replaced with a Costco. The network of buildings that will soon have cars parked for blocks to buy gas is directly across from the East York Town Centre.

There’s nothing spectacular about the 50′s era building, but in this quiet, inactive state I really like it. There are subtle references to carmel and the blackness that is Coca-Cola. It’s also slightly dated like the soft drink. The wall above is a detail that takes you into the front entrance below.

Again, it’s a simple and functional building. I don’t know why I like these places. They always have something of an institutional feel about them that’s sort of creepy.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the Coca-Cola building so I’ve been back a few times since this recent visit. The following image was taken around the back of the plant on a road that runs parallel to Overlea.

These further images I took today the 27th of November. There was a small amount of snow on the ground and an interesting sky. This small building is a security post for the shipping and receiving bays that are within a gated part of the complex. It reminds me of the ice huts that a few contemporary photographers have been so taken with.

and this is the interior of another security building.

On the other side of the street across from the rear portion of the Cola complex is a power corridor. All three of the following images were taken there today.

Finally I stopped at Target for a coffee at their Starbucks outlet that opens at 8:00 a.m. I couldn’t help thinking that one new predominantly red brand has replaced another older fading red brand.

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One thought on “Coca-Cola

  1. Nice observations and images Chris. Is Coca-Cola going the way of Kodak? (I remember the old plant on Black Creek). To be replaced by what…. Red Bull maybe?

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