I took a picture from inside the AGO on my iPhone last week. Now I’m obsessed with the image for several reasons. This is what it looks on my phone.IMG_0177I’ve thought about it everyday since and I’d like to paint it. I’m sure that’s infinitely more difficult than I can imagine. After all, part of the reason I work in photography is that my painting skills are pretty lame.  I’m stoked to make the attempt though.

I’ve taken the original image and made it monochromatic. I also applied a paintbrush texture across it in Photoshop. This is sort of how I want it to look when painted. Now to acquire the skills.1397300_1025011197526311_2091368029253589147_oI’ve also got a desire to go back to the AGO and shoot it again but with my actual camera. Maybe I can get a colour photograph that doesn’t have to be translated into black & white to be effective. I’ve also been thinking about shooting more images like this and trying to abstract them a bit more into pure line and shape in Photoshop.

For some reason this brings to mind Ayn Rand. I haven’t thought much about her writing since I was in high school. I’m not in line with her Objectivism philosophy. I’m thinking about the Fountainhead, not Atlas Shrugged, maybe its simply the architectural connotations in that book that bring her to mind.




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