Idea Book

The idea book is a work in process. It’s a sketchbook of ideas, without the sketches. I use my phone most of the time to jot stuff down. This needs some serious editing and proofing, however the gist of my imaginings are there. Many of the ideas have made their way to the website in some form. I’ve started to execute some of them, and others I keep thinking about almost everyday. I have a fondness for each entry, ideas are what I’d like to do all the time but that’s impractical.

Clocking in at about 400 pages, it contains lots of literal one-liners. Over the next few years I hope to expand and contract it, sort of like breathing.

Idea Book

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April 2014 Wandering

IMG_1203April is looking up. It was warm enough on Thursday to walk to my Doctor appointment, so I took the camera out of moth balls for the two hour journey.

We have a rail corridor adjacent to our street. This is a view from our wonderful pedestrian/bicycle path over the Frost fence into the construction area. I love the play between the multiple horizontal lines of the rails in the foreground, the organically sculpted gravel hills, the colour patterns of the mall walls and the hydro pole that bisects the central focus area.

For the past ten years we’ve become accustom to the sound of Via and Go Trains passing by at relatively infrequent intervals. That’s all about to change. I’m not really worried about it, just disappointed that the government–in its infinite wisdom–has decided to cheap out on several fronts and rather than think about the future they’re saving their pennies to waste in other ways.

The train will be diesel. Strike one. Why in this day and age we are opting for fossil fuel technology I’ll never comprehend. The main cited argument is that electrifying the line would just be too expensive.

Maybe the whole plan of a dedicated airport route is too expensive, period. I don’t travel a great deal, and when I do, I fly out of the island for anything domestic. I can ride my bike or take TTC there. When I fly out of Pearson I also take the TTC. I’m not a big fan of spending piles of government money on “convenience” for an elite group of people and never will be. I don’t give a crap if the frequent flyer business contingent save half an hour on the journey to or from the airport to downtown. We’re building this thing for 1% of the population. Why aren’t we spending all this cash on the TTC?

Strike 2 is the “sound barrier” plan. I’d rather live with the noise and the current chain-link fence. I do now. Instead, we have to have our neighbourhood cloven in two by Mississauga Highway style concrete barrier walls. ┬áSeriously? If I wanted to live in the suburbs I would have moved there 10 years ago. Several companies put forward wonderful “green” wall ideas, that looked extremely cool and fit in with the mentality of the area. Instead they opted for crappy-concrete barrier walls. We’ll see how nice those look covered in tags.

Sad, sad, sad.




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