British Columbia

While in British Columbia –for the opening of my show at Bau-Xi Gallery on Granville in Vancouver– I wandered around a bit during breaks from sitting around in the gallery and found this place. It was two doors south of Bau-Xi. At first I thought maybe this gallery had gone out of business but now that I’ve looked it up on the all powerful internet I see The Winsor Gallery simply moved to 258 East First Avenue. They left this behind for me at their old location.

Winsor Gallery

Winsor Gallery

The trip to British Columbia was awesome. I loved it. I got a taste of what it’s like to live in a place that has it together –unlike our dysfunctional Toronto– for Public Transit, Bicycle Infrastructure, and Pedestrian traffic. I’m not saying I like the place better, I just got a glimpse of what our city could be like if we had some forward thinking politicians around. It was sweet.I’d go back anytime and maybe need to find a good excuse to do so.

ONe idea I had was to revisit and shoot my next series. I think there are lots of possibilities for subject matter. I could continue Wandering, or revisit any of my current body of work. I could also investigate the possibility of getting access to the container yard that’s visible from the gas Town area of the city. I’ve always been fascinated by shipping containers. My niece suggested shooting from the rooftops of the housing in the Lower East Side as an option as well. I also thought about an essay on the older –1960s– condo buildings. The bottom line is there’s a lot to explore.


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