Canada Day

Canada Day Monday July 1st. I ventured out this morning to shoot and came back with some surprises. These are surprising to myself, maybe not to you.

The first three are taken in vacant lot along the Dundas West Rail Path. At one time this was going to become a large film studio but the plan is now to develop into residential space.  I’ve passed by this on my bike about 100 times in the past year. At one time the lot was well fenced and had on hand security as they demolished buildings. The whole complex use to be an automobile parts plant. The only structure standing is historic.

What are there now in place of the buildings are grey piles of silt. Interwoven into these piles is a tarp like material that flaps in the breeze. I think the tarps drew me to the place as well as the greyness. Today was particularly quiet, there’s easy access now through several gaps in the fence, and there’s no security. The sound of these tarps blowing in the breeze is super-interesting. I filmed it as well just to remember for some future reference.

The following photos are part of the Colour Theory concept. Friends came over yesterday to visit and left us the remains of a lemon tart. When I cleaned up this morning I washed the cardboard plate that the tart sat on and found myself sticking it in my camera bag, These are images of that plate. I think I’ll figure out some way to support the plate in the air with a wand of some sort that I can then photoshop that support out of the frame. Either that or I’ll leave it in. I’m just not liking the hand so much. I do like the glitter reflective gold plate though.

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